Child Sponsorship

Over the last five years, our number of children has multiplied by six times. Thankfully, more than 30 of those children have reintegrated with family or have been locally adopted. At first glance, the number of children can be quite overwhelming. One can also click an image/thumbnail and read how each child came into one of our homes. Even still, many have shared with us, “How do I choose who to sponsor?”

We hope our website will facilitate this process, by allowing potential sponsors the opportunity to select one or multiple children based on various criterias. In the past, sponsors have selected sponsorship based on the age of a child. Others have chosen based on gender or home. Now one can choose one or a combination of options. Regardless of the criteria, we wanted to make the sponsorship process simple. Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate a growing number of prayers and support for these children.

  • General sponsorship information can be found in the sidebar section.

  • In order to select specific parameters, you may do so by clicking on one or multiple buttons below. They are listed by gender, age, home, and need of sponsors. In order to reset your entry you can click the “ALL” button for that category.

  • If you would like to sponsor a child, simply click the sponsor button under the thumbnail image. All sponsorships selected can then be found in the cart that will appear in the top section of the sidebar (Both the standard and mobile versions of the site will have a CART button in the top right hand corner).

  • Choose one of the two payment options: a monthly recurring option (default) or an annual recurring option.

  • To initiate the transaction process, click the SPONSOR button in the cart, and you will be directed to Paypal. All payment and transaction information are handled securely through Paypal.

  • If you prefer to do a mail-in payment option, or if you have any further questions, please contact us via the contact form located in the footer section below.