• Gender:Female
  • Birthdate:September 25, 2014 (14 መስከረም 2007)
  • Known Family:Mother + Father + Other Relatives
  • Home:EGCH

Pronounced: LEE-dee-yah

Lydia came to Ebenezer at the end of February 2021 when her mother died from a severe sickness. Her siblings, Keri and Guyto, had been living at Ebenezer Grace since 2013, about 3 years before Lydia was born. Their father is bound to a wheelchair and has been unable to care for his children for a while. Their mother was mentally ill, which is why Keri and Guyto moved to Ebenezer Grace so many years before. When Keri and Guyto went to their mother’s funeral in February, they asked if Ebenezer could take in their sister as well. Ebenezer happily agreed so that the children could all grow up together.

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