• Gender:Female
  • Birthdate:April 6, 2002 (27 መጋቢት 1994)
  • Known Family:Mother + Father + Other Relatives
  • Home:EGCH

Pronounced: MAHR-tah

Marta was one of EGCH’s first kids. She is the youngest from a very large family. In 2007, at the age of four, all girls from her tribe go through a special ceremonial process. Marta’s mom attempted to get her to the ceremony, however, because it was during the rainy season, the river became too deep to cross. Her absence, kept her from participating, and meant that she was now considered cursed by her tribe. In February 2010, after being kept hidden for four years, her mother brought her to EGCH. Marta has a big smile, and quiet disposition. Marta attends elementary school in Hawassa.

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