• Gender:Male
  • Birthdate:September 6, 2008 (0 ጳጉሜ 2000)
  • Known Family:Mother + Other Relatives
  • Home:House of Hope

Pronounced: yeh-SOH-zehr

Yesozer came to live at EGCH in September 2010. According to his tribe’s customs, if a baby’s top teeth come in before their bottom teeth, they are considered cursed. This was the case for Yesozer. His mother filed down his top teeth when she saw they were growing in his upper gums, which made him look toothless on the top until his adult teeth grew in. She did this to hide the fact that he was “cursed”. After she realized she couldn’t keep the truth hidden forever, she handed him over to Ebenezer. Sadly, we’ve tried to reunite him with her, but she has chosen not to have anything to do with her son anymore.

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