• Gender:Female
  • Birthdate:October 17, 2010 (6 ጥቅምት 2003)
  • Known Family:Mother + Father
  • Home:Lantu's Home

Pronounced: ahn-JEH-nah

Anjena, is a beautiful young lady who was born with severe cerebral palsy. Her mother left her and her father to live in South Africa, and having no way to care for her, her father brought her to Lantu’s Home in 2015. Four years later, her mother arrived and told us she wanted to take Anjena to South Africa where she could care for her needs better. We were very happy for Anjena to be reunited with her mother after so many years. However, in August 2022, we found out that Anjena never went to South Africa but was living with her grandparents in Hawassa. Sadly, they weren’t doing a very good job of caring for her and had asked other orphanages to take care of her because they were too embarrassed to bring her back to Lantu’s Home. One of our administrative personnel had heard about her, visited her and brought back photos of her. We asked the government if we could have her back and they gladly agreed. With the love of the Lantu’s Home mamas, Anjena seems much happier than when we first brought her back.

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