• Gender:Female
  • Birthdate:September 5, 2016 (29 ነሐሴ 2008)
  • Known Family:Mother + Other Relatives
  • Home:Lantu's Home

Pronounced: FAHN-too

Fantu came in October 2017 with her identical twin sister, Tewabech, and their mother, Kebebush. After having children outside of wedlock, Kebebush found life too difficult to do on her own. She was invited to live at Lantu’s Home with her daughters and attend school to give her future a brighter outcome. After living there for 2 years, Kebebush made some life decisions that forced her to remove herself from her daughters and the people that grew to love her at Lantu’s Home. Fantu and Tewabech now reside at Lantu’s Home and are loved by all the mamas and their “siblings” there.

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