Munya, Chokach and Marheret

Pronounced: MOON-yah, CHO-kahch and MAHR-heh-reht

Munya, Chokach and Marheret came at the end of November in 2021 along with nine other people from the Bacha (pronounced: BAH-ch’a) tribe. This particular tribe has been completely ostracized and enslaved by the neighboring tribes. There are only about 2,000 Bacha people left, and it seems the numbers are dwindling. In order to give them a fair chance at life, Ebenezer took in 12 people from this tribe.

Munya (on the right) is like the leader of the 12 Bacha people that now reside with the other children at Ebenezer and House of Hope. He and one other person in this beautiful group of people speak Amharic and help to translate for them all. He is married to Chokach (on the left) and together they have a beautiful little girl named Marheret (middle).

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