Nibret (pronounced NIH’-bih-ret) was just 15 years old when she came to Ebenezer with her one month old son, Idilu (pronounced IH-dih-loo). She was learning at school in the 8th Grade when one day she was taken advantage of by someone she did not know. After choosing to give her son life, even under the terrible circumstances, she decided that being a mother at 15 years old was too much to handle. She went to Ebenezer with the intention of dropping Idilu off there after finalizing all the paperwork. However, when the time came a week after arriving at Ebenezer to say goodbye to her son, she wept. She didn’t want to leave him. Argaw offered her to stay with her son while continuing her education here in Hawassa and she gladly accepted. You can tell how much she loves her son, not just from this incredible story, but also by the way she handles him and cares for him with the help of our amazing staff.

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