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Mebrat has struggled for years with a psychological problem that had left her homeless. She has a total of six children. Much of her life was lived out on the streets. She was pregnant and even delivered her babies while living without a home. Two of her sons, Mebratom and Tesfa, were taken from her by the Child Protective Services of Ethiopia. The government realized she was not fit to raise them and their home was not a place for children to grow up. They were taken to Ebenezer where they were treated for malnourishment and cared for by our loving staff. After more than 4 years, Mebrat and her two sons were finally reunited when Ebenezer helped in getting Mebrat treated for her mental illness and then took her in to live at Lantu’s Home. She is doing very well now, and loves that she gets to see her boys grow up in a loving atmosphere with a hopeful future.

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