• Gender:Female
  • Birthdate:September 17, 2014 (6 መስከረም 2007)
  • Known Family:Mother
  • Home:Lantu's Home

Pronounced: NEHY-jaht

Nejatwas one of the first Lantu’s Home children when she arrived in October 2015.She was approximately one year old at the time.

Nejat was born to an HIV+ mother who lacked the resources or stability to care for her properly. Thankfully, Nejat was born HIV negative. However, the mother had no food so she had no other choice but to breastfeed her for 13 months before she came to the home, putting her baby at-risk for contracting the illness.

Nejat is full of personality. Being one of the older children at Lantu’s Home, she enjoys leading, and is looked up to by the other children.

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